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You know the people, we know the jobs.

In an industry of such impersonal and ineffective practises, we believe in going back to basics – to the people you know.

Using personal recommendations and the leverage of our trusted referral network, we can source experienced candidates with genuine endorsement from the people who count – their peers.

Why work with us?

Referment is founded on the principle of getting better together.

From helping old work colleagues re-connect through to reassuring indecisive hiring managers make more informed decisions about unknown candidates; we believe that human connection can solve the toughest problems.

Referment puts people first and is able to offer a high-value proposition across the entire recruitment lifecycle.

What makes us different?

  • Our candidates are referred to us via our trusted network of industry experts.
  • Each candidate must be vouched for with a personal endorsement which can be based on years of interaction.
  • We consider EQ, IQ and other factors to profile each candidate, helping companies to de-risk the hiring process and make more informed hiring decisions based on data and information.

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Telephone: 020 7653 1974

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Referment Limited

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