You know more people than you think.

You browse through our jobs and you can’t think of anyone suitable?

Psychology research suggests that, without special training, human short-term memory can only hold about 7 items in awareness at all times. It is easy to memorise a sequence of up to 7 numbers, but after that it becomes difficult. Similarly, we struggle to think of more than 7 people on a regular basis. This means that you may actually know someone for a role, but for time and resource constraints you can’t think of them right now. But don’t worry, technology is giving us tools to remember all the people we encounter in our daily lives. After all, it is not uncommon to see someone on social media with 500+ friends, followers or connections. We just pick up our phones and we’re connected.

So in theory, we have access to all our connections. The thing is, most people don’t wear badges that say “I’m looking for a new role”. You may know when your best friends are unhappy in their jobs or looking to advance their career because you speak with them on a regular basis. But how about all the other people you know? Do you know when they’re looking? Only a selected few post publicly that they’re ready to change jobs, which isn’t always the healthiest strategy if your employer finds out. So most likely, you don’t know when others are ready to make a move.

Don’t give up, though. Here are 3 examples of how our users found someone to refer that either took them a little digging or just pure coincidence (names changed for privacy reasons):

1. Marie was interested in our roles with the highest rewards, but couldn’t think of anyone. She went through her LinkedIn contacts who had similar job titles and found Chris who she’d worked with 5 years ago, but didn’t know where he was working now. She reached out to him - he was interested in a new opportunity so she put us in touch.

  • Chris got an interview quickly after, landed a job offer 1 month into the process, and we paid out a staggering £3800 referral reward to Marie.

2. James had initially forgotten about our Account Manager position until he visited a trade conference and bumped into an old school friend who worked for a Software Vendor in Account Management. A couple of days later James contacted his friend to see if he was interested in a new role. It was a shot in the dark, but his friend was keen to find out more.

  • The friend was perfect for our client and started 3 months later. We paid James £1500 for his introduction.

3. Lucy saw our blog on Facebook because her friend liked our post. Her husband was looking for a job, so she went through our job listing and referred him for two positions.

  • We liked him and one of the two clients liked him, they offered him the job and Lucy got £2250 for her referral.

You may not come up with someone for our jobs immediately, but it is worthwhile to keep your eyes and ears open. Good people can be found in the most unlikely places, and there is a good chance that you already know them. Finding them can top up your income significantly and give you good Karma.

Reach out to us if you think you know someone that’s suitable and let us take it from there. There is value in your network and we can help you monetise it.

Stay tuned for our next blog!


Founder @ Referment