Why it’s OK to ask people if they’re interested in a new job.

Unsure whether to ask someone if they’re looking for a new role?

Here’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to do it:

1. It’s motivating to know that someone thinks you’re talented.

In today’s cold, results-orientated world, isn’t it nice to hear “Hey, I think you’re great at your job!”?

2. Most people who change jobs are in for a pay rise.

Who wouldn’t want to use some extra cash?

3. Most people earn less than they should.

Research in business psychology has shown that whichever number you mention in an interview when asked for your salary expectation, this number functions as an anchor in your negotiation. If you’re lucky you get a bit more - most people end up with less money than they deserve.

4. Your people can refer others

They might be uncertain if a role is suitable for themselves, but they can certainly introduce somebody else they know and support their own peers. Maybe even make some extra cash on their own?

5. You stay connected

Haven’t talked to your former colleague or friend in a while? Let them know you think they are great at their job and you have a chance to catch up and stay in touch for the future. Who knows, they may even end up referring you to a great new role?

You see, there’s really nothing to worry about.

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The Referment Team