We’re supporting the Futures for Kids Foundation.

Some of our users have said they don’t refer their contacts for money, but purely for the sake of helping a friend. We think that’s a very honourable gesture, but we don’t think it’s fair to keep the referral reward to ourselves – after all, it’s a result of your networking skills and goodwill and you are entitled to it.

So, we are very happy to announce that you can now choose, if you like, to donate your referral reward in part, or full, to charity!

We support the great Futures for Kids (FFK) Foundation - www.futuresforkids.co.uk - which raises funds for many charities globally that enable children of underprivileged or disadvantaged backgrounds to have a better future. FFK was founded in February 2008 by a group of individuals from the financial services industry in London, there are now 16 Trustees on the Board. Since then the Foundation has raised nearly £3 million for a variety of children’s charities, a few of them since 2008 include:

It’s completely up to you whether you would like to donate or not, either way you now have the option to support a great cause.

The process is, as always, very simple:

Just make your referral and we’ll do our best to get your contact a job. When everything is settled, we’ll ask you where to send the money to. We’ll tell you how much money you are entitled to and you simply tell us how much we should send to you - any remainder will automatically be sent to Futures for Kids.

Why not help someone get a new job and make a valuable contribution to charity on the side?

Welcome on-board, Futures for Kids!


Alex Odwell

Founder @ Referment