Today is “Pay-it-forward day”!.

Well, that day doesn’t actually exist… Yet. We believe it should, though!

“Paying it forward” means that you help someone out without expecting anything in return. It can be a tiny gesture, with the powerful intention to make the world a better place - bit by bit.

Imagine everyone did a little bit more of the following:

  • Let someone ahead of you in the queue
  • Bring in morning tea for your work colleagues
  • Pass along a great book you've just finished reading
  • Encourage someone who seems to be upset
  • Offer change when the person in front of you at the register doesn’t have it
  • Leave a lotto ticket under the wipers of a stranger’s car

What kind of world would we live in? We think - a better one.

Have you ever wondered why British people are so good at holding the door open for one another? Well, the reason why they do it doesn’t really matter: someone started it some time ago, ‘paying it forward’ without expecting anything in return, then the second person held the door open for another one aaaand - chain reaction. Now everyone is happy to hold the door (#hodor) for one another, and no door is too heavy for anyone in the UK.

Today is a good day to start!

Referment takes “Pay-it-forward” to a new level: We pay you to forward someone to us. Then we do our best to get that person placed. Then they can pay it forward as well and introduce their peers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Over time, we create a community that is built on trust and quality, of people who understand the value in their connections.

Let’s bring back quality into the hiring world and appreciate the countless people whose real value gets lost in numbers and performance metrics.

Check out our roles and forward your peers!

The Referment Team.