They Said What!?.

You may have seen the news about the bug in Apple’s FaceTime feature. For those of you that didn’t: 9to5Mac discovered a glitch in the group FaceTime feature that let users eavesdrop on whoever they were calling (whilst they were calling them and also if the call was dropped). All of this happened on Data Privacy Day too.

Whilst they rush to fix the issue we thought we’d shed some light on how to speak to recruiters and how candidates can make a great first impression.

The Elevator Pitch

Time is of the essence to most people and being succinct and to-the-point will leave a good impression. Know what you’re looking for and practise saying it as if you pitching to a VC or fund manager for investment.

The Salary Question

A lot of people don’t know what they are worth and from experience, most people seem to overestimate. Knowing your current salary and desired salary helps recruiters assess your suitability for the role you’ve been put forward to. Some will be honest and tell you if the role you’re applying to is too high/too low (salary-wise) at the moment.

The Skillset

Be honest, have you really got experience in Docker? Did you ask your mum to endorse you on LinkedIn? Not too many companies will look to bring someone in under the pretence that they’ll learn the skills upon arrival so be open and honest with recruiters about what skills you have and at what level.

Although our users source a lot of candidates, our relationship managers still speak to everyone before putting them forward to hiring managers. If you’re open, honest and nice to them, they’ll be open, honest and nice to you! And if you’re not right for the role, they’re more likely to put you forward to another one if you’ve made a great first impression.

And we know that if you have a great time with Referment, you’re probably likely to recommend them to a friend or colleague….

Speaking of which: feel free to leave a review on Google, the App Store or Trustpilot, spread the word about the nicest recruiters in town. Feel free to FaceTime us to see/hear for yourself.