The Human Side of Recruitment.

Every company promises they are different from the rest. Especially Startups sound overly confident when they say they differ. And of course, some do - there are ideas that shake up established industries overnight, with crowd-funded investment rounds reaching their goals the very same day they go live.

But more often than not, companies are not that different. Or at least not different enough to disrupt an established industry. After all, depending on which source you trust, somewhere between 50-90% of Startups fail.

Recruitment is old hat, and people need a new wardrobe.

Anyone who’s ever applied for a job knows it can be tedious to work with recruiters. Some are utterly unprepared, too busy to have read through your CV, many don’t even understand what it says. But who can blame them? With the rise of technology and data, their job is becoming increasingly difficult, to the point where recruiters rarely have capacity or capability to sift through the vast amount of applicants. As a result, they will often reach out to as many people as possible at the expense of quality, or they take too much time to find a qualified candidate and the vacancy is filled by someone else.

So, should we automate recruiting altogether? This is an approach that ambitious Startups indeed try. They create platforms for both candidates and companies to sign up and then use machine learning to match-make between the two.

As pioneering as that sounds, if you’ve read our last blog post, you may remember that, at least for now, we believe that Artificial Intelligence is not the winning solution. It needs large amounts of data to learn, and makes decisions based on mathematical principles. But, at its centre, recruitment is a people business, and the people science - psychology - is very young. We are only beginning to understand the intricacies of personality and how adaptive people are to situations, let alone putting it all into mathematical theory. In short: the science is not there yet.

Your best people aren’t hired, they are referred.

We believe that technology cannot and should not replace recruiters. Their experience with people and their knowledge of their sector is incredibly valuable. But we are aware of their capacity limitations imposed by the large amounts of data everywhere.

So, we do a little trick: we present only a few selected candidates to our recruiters. Unlike other companies who either source candidates manually via LinkedIn and the likes, or match-make with computer algorithms, we trust you to forward these candidates to us. This process adds value along the ride, from quality referrals to placements, for our users, their peers and our clients.

Referment brings back a much needed human touch to recruitment.

Is human touch enough to disrupt the industry? That’s on you to decide. We provide the platform to bring it back. It’s free to use and you get rewarded with both cold cash and warming Karma.

So, if you are ready to be part of the revolution, we are here to receive your referral. Or of course, if you have any questions get in touch.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog!


Founder @ Referment