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We started Referment in 2016 to help professionals help their friends and colleagues find new roles in Financial Services. To do this, we built the Referment platform which makes it easier than ever to refer people you know to their next dream job.

To help you get the most out of the Referment platform we've created a group of blogs as part of our Referment 101 series. This blog is your guide to using the Referment platform!


After signing-up to the Referment platform you’ll be able to click “View Open Opportunities” and head to the main job board. Here you can search for keywords (skills or job titles) and use the location dropdown to select roles in different regions. Once you’ve seen a job that matches someone in your network, click into it to find out more detail and to read the full job description.

The top part of the job page includes all the high-level detail you need to know about the role, including the location, required skills, expected years of experience, maximum salary (where available) and whether the role is Permanent, Contract or Fixed Term.

Below that you’ll see your referral reward level (£250 is standard for first-time referrers) and the description of the role. This will give you an idea about the firm, an insight into why they’re hiring and what they’re looking for in their next superstar employee!

To start the referral process you can simply click Refer, which will take you to the referral pages, which have been designed to take as little time as possible. 

Now, one thing to note is that you can’t earn any rewards for applying to roles yourself, so be sure to click “Apply” and not “Refer” if that’s your intention.

Click here to read all about making a referral.


Visit to see all our latest roles in Financial Services and to help someone from your professional network find their next dream job today! 

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