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We started Referment in 2016 to help professionals help their friends and colleagues find new roles in Financial Services. To do this, we built the Referment platform which makes it easier than ever to refer people you know to their next dream job.

To help you get the most out of the Referment platform we've created a group of blogs as part of our Referment 101 series. This blog is all about the profile section on the platform!


So you've made a referral, someone you think really fits the description and who you think would make a great candidate for the role. But what happens next?

For starters, you'll receive a confirmation email saying thanks for your referral and your referral will also receive one notifying them that they've been referred and what that means. After that, you'll be able to keep track of their progress in the profile section of the Referment platform.

Accessing your profile.

To do this, simply login and click the little green person icon in the top right and your profile will slide out, showing you all your referrals and their progress and your referral rewards level.

From here you'll also be able to click the Edit Details/Upload CV link underneath your name to change your password, contact details and marketing preferences. You can also upload your own CV here, which will show you your top job matches!

Referral Rewards Level.

In early 2021 we launched our new referral rewards scheme that rewards you with more for every successful referral you make. Your referral rewards level can be found both in your profile section and also on each individual job opportunity too. If you've never made a referral before it will say Standard and £250. To read more about our referral rewards levels click here.

Keeping track.

Under each referral you've made there are three data points. The first shows how many interviews they've had, the second shows their referral status and the third shows whether we have their CV on file. Your referral won't get to interview stage until they have sent us their CV so if you see they haven't, feel free to reach out and nudge them. Alternatively, if you have their CV before referring them, you can upload that when making a referral.

Once your referral has completed their first-round interview we'll get in touch to let you know and to see which referral reward you'd like to get. After that, you can keep up to date with your referral's progress via the profile section to see if they get the job!


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