Referment 101 - How to make a referral

We started Referment in 2016 to help professionals help their friends and colleagues find new roles in Financial Services. To do this, we built the Referment platform which makes it easier than ever to refer people you know to their next dream job.

To help you get the most out of the Referment platform we've created a group of blogs as part of our Referment 101 series. This blog is all about the process of making a referral!


Why would they be a good fit for the role?

We’ve streamlined the referral process to be as effective and efficient as possible. In fact, you can make a referral in under a minute! 

After clicking Refer on any individual job, you’ll first see a page that asks “Why would they be a good fit for the role?”. This is the space for you to introduce your referral and give some background about why they’d make a great candidate. 

For example, you may say: “Alex has 6 years as a Desktop Support Engineer, supporting trading houses here in London. He’s looking for a role that offers him a chance to make a better impact”.

Their contact details.

After this page you’ll reach a page asking for your referrals contact details. We need these to get in contact with your referral, in order to discuss the role and to see if they’d like to be put forward for an interview. We don’t share this information with any third parties without express permission.

The more options you give us to get in contact with your referral the better, although a mobile number is always best if possible. The LinkedIn URL box and CV Upload part are both optional, but both will increase your chances of making a successful referral!

What happens next.

After that you can click submit and we’ll notify your referral by email that they’ve been referred before reaching out to them to discuss the role and their job search in more detail!

Click here to find out how you can keep track of your referral's progress.


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Who will you refer?

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