Linux Jobs In London

Linux is an operating system, just like Mac OS and Windows. It powers Android and unlike Windows Server, it’s completely free to install and use plus is commonly referred to as the most stable and reliable computer ecosystems available.

Linux was created in the early 1990’s by Finnish software developer Linus Torvalds and the Free Software Foundation (FSS). It’s open-source which means that it’s incredibly customisable and can be tailored to multiple uses. As such, it’s used widely in the Capital Markets as firms look to build efficient infrastructure and applications.

Refer someone you know to a Linux role through Referment and we’ll help them find a career-defining role whilst rewarding you with at least £250 and up to £500 when they complete a first-round interview!

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Hedge Fund Linux Roles:

Linux & Database Automation Engineer | London | 5+yrs Exp. | £120,000

Linux Engineer | London | 5+yrs Exp. | £120,000

Production Engineer/SRE | London | 2+yrs Exp. | £130,000

Senior Platform Engineer | London | 5+yrs Exp. | £140,000

DevOps Engineer | London | 5+yrs Exp. | £160,000

Application Support Engineer (Macro Products) | London | 5+yrs Exp. | £120,000

Systems Support Engineer | London | 2+yrs Exp. | £100,000

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