Knowledge is money.

The UK’s unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1975. In theory, this means wages should increase, but they have failed to keep up with a rising inflation. Do you remember your last pay rise? Surely you remember the last time your rent went up, with UK housing prices at an all-time high. On top of this, with potential interest rate rises and the uncertainty of Brexit, disposable income is being pinched for most people. Many realise it is time to look for ways to generate extra income because life is becoming increasingly expensive.

Making money through traditional means takes time and effort.

What are you craving most after a long day of work? I’m making an assumption here, but I think it’s safe to say that what you are looking forward to is not your laptop and a coffee to stay up longer. I think you are looking forward to seeing your family and relaxing on your sofa. But money is paying fewer bills these days, and many people continue to work after hours. Some work as part time consultants or make investments. Others find a gap in the market and realise creative projects in one form or another. Let’s be honest though: it can be a long and tedious process until your investments pay off.

Don't give up your day job.

Technology has opened up new opportunities for the money conscious. Apps of all different kinds either encourage people to save money, or help you invest more easily, but very few enable you to make money quickly. Arguably the most prominent leader in this movement is Uber, which has empowered people not just to save money, but to make money directly, at their convenience. Leaving the heated debate for another day, the idea of it is very powerful: no investments needed, no specialist knowledge - users only need a drivers licence and a car and they can start earning. But drivers need to work many hours to make it a viable source of income.

Referment puts a real life value (£) on something you have already done.

We think you have worked enough. There is a new way to make money: for years you established and maintained relationships and now we provide a platform where you simply suggest to us who is good to work with, and we turn that suggestion into real life money. Your biggest worry will be what to spend the reward on: Skiing in the Alps for your holiday? A bicycle for your child? How about a bigger couch to relax? With annually rising tuition fees, a single Referment reward can contribute significantly towards your child’s education, and it only takes a minute to make a referral.

You know people. Connect them with us and make money.

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