In Demand Programming Languages.

We often get asked by our users which programming languages are in demand. Nowadays it’s generally expected that IT professionals have a solid grasp of at least one of the languages listed below.


Considered as one of the most common and in demand languages for 2019, Python is said to be one of the easier languages to learn due to its readability. It’s a free and open-source language with extensive support modules and a large community development system. Its often used for Machine Learning and is popular for scientific and computational applications.


Java is a general-purpose programming langue with an object-oriented structure, that's become a standard due to its Write Once, Run Anywhere feature. It works on a wide range of platforms ranging from data centres to smartphones.


JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language that’s commonly used for the purpose of creating interactive effects in internet browsers. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is also seen as one of the three core existing technologies of the Web.


Using PHP with the help of built-in web development, programmers can embed the code written in server-side programming language flawlessly into HTML code throughout the Script tag. Web developers cannot write bulky and multifaceted websites and web applications swiftly without executing PHP code all the way through an assortment of web frameworks. Some of these frameworks include Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony etc.


Created by Microsoft, C# is considered to be one of the most powerful programming languages. Best suited for applications that are based on Windows, Android and iOS. C# is used in a number of backend operations of many popular websites such as Dell, Bing, Visual Studio and Market Watch.


The oldest and most commonly used language, C/C++ are widely used where performance is considered critical, for example, client/server applications.

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