Early adopters fuel the disruption of established industries.

If somebody had told me 10 years ago that you could rent out your own room or house for a few days to an absolute stranger and earn money doing so, I would probably have thought they were bonkers. But some people adopted the idea early on, used AirBnB's service and actively contributed to what would become the second highest-valued Startup globally, with 3 million listings across 190 countries.

Whether you like the term or not, you are an early adopter too. Referment brings a fresh approach to the recruitment industry - and you know what? You should be proud of yourself, because early adopters are the driving force of any breakthrough idea.

Here’s why it’s good to be an early adopter:

You are involved in product development. Companies listen very carefully to every single piece of feedback during the early stages in their development. It’s your chance to speak up and get your stamp on something great!

You get bragging rights. Talking about new challengers and new technologies in the market can entertain many conversations. As the company becomes more popular, you can always tell your friends “I used the product before everyone else did!”.

You can get investment opportunities. Young companies typically go for investment rounds to fund their development. It’s not uncommon for early adopters to become investors themselves, which can pay off substantially.

AirBnB started small, Uber started small. They rolled out prototypes of their system and smart, attentive early adopters jumped on the train and became majorly involved in what the companies would become. Now, they are valued in the £ billions.

Admittedly, Referment is not in the same ballpark with Uber and AirBnB, but we are on our way to get there. A large portion of Uber’s and AirBnB’s success is due to the fact that anyone can use their service (provided they have a car/home) and that people can make money doing so. Our app can also be used from anywhere and currently anyone with contacts in Financial Services can use it. While Uber pays a comparatively low wage with £10-15 per hour on average in London, AirBnB can be a good side earner, depending on where your home is located, how big it is, and, most importantly, whether you are happy to rent it to someone you don’t know.

But I think it’s fair to say that we pay our users far more generously than Uber and AirBnB combined, with no risk or time-consuming work involved. It literally takes longer to make a coffee than it does to make a referral.

Referment benefits everyone involved in the process. Our users don’t have to work to make substantial money. Candidates don’t even have to apply for jobs to get interviewed and placed. Companies get candidates whose quality has been tested in real-world work and personally vouched for. And our recruiters don’t have to spend all day searching for candidates on Job boards, instead they focus on what they are good at: bringing candidates and companies together.

Are you as excited to be an early adopter as I am about having you on board? I’m keen to hear what your thoughts are - send an email ([email protected]), give us a call (02076531974) or come round to our office by Mansion House! And of course, check out our latest opportunities and put us in touch with your contacts!

Catch you soon,

Alex Odwell

Founder @ Referment