5 Essential CV Hacks.

Looking for a new job can be a time-consuming and challenging process. While recruiters can take as little as 6 seconds to look through your CV, it can take months and months to actually get a job. Why the disparity? Here are a few simple CV hacks you can make to get your application noticed!

1- Sell yourself (No, not like that!)

When writing about your experience, give examples of results and successes to give the recruiter/hiring manager a sense of the type of person they’re bringing in. Don’t just write out your job description! If you’ve re-designed an asset, tell them how that affected overall business performance (not just why you thought it would be a good idea). You need show how you’ve added value, in a clear and concise way.

2- Tailor per job

You’ve worked hard on your CV, why wouldn’t that be enough? Do your research and match the CV to the application. This doesn’t mean a whole rewrite but think about the skills and experience they’re asking for and include them! If they’re asking for a proven sales record, tell them about your proven sales record, don’t bury it in a cover letter!

3- Easy on the eye

Make sure the font you are using is clear and easy-to-read. Regardless of what some people might tell you, space IS at a premium. Don’t make the font too small to fit in more words, it makes it harder to read and more likely that your application will end up in the bin. Remember, don’t use Comic Sans!

4 - Standardised job titles

It’s likely that the job you are applying for will have a (somewhat) traditional job title. So if your current title is Growth Hacking Evangelist and you’re applying for a Digital Marketing role, standardise the job title! Remember, you’ve got 6 seconds, don’t waste it by alienating the recruiter/hiring manager or asking them to look-up your title.

5 - Contact information

You’ve spent all this time crafting the perfect CV for the perfect job, make sure you’re easy to contact. Check that your email address and mobile number are correct and then check again! Clear (and correct) links to portfolios, LinkedIn and social media accounts make it easier for a recruiter to do more research about you and see if you’d be a good fit for the role!