5 books every Finance Professional should have on their bookshelf.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the duties and activities we need to accomplish on a daily basis, so it might seem like there’s never enough time for a good read. Hopefully these 5 book choices will make you reconsider:

1. “A Random Walk Down Wall Street” by Burton G. Malkiel

If you’re interested in digging deeper into investing strategies, axioms and superstitions, you don’t want to miss out on this book. The author takes you on a journey in understanding technical vs. fundamental stock analysis, specifically as to  why he’s convinced that technical analysis doesn’t work. Find more info here.

2. “Liar’s Poker” by Michael Lewis  

This semi-autobiographical book paints a picture of the author’s own experiences working as a salesman in Wall Street back in 1980’s. This book is a good choice if you want to travel back in time and hit the ground walking the streets of New York as well as get a glimpse of a time when Wall Street was booming. Sound intriguing? Find out more here.

3. “Thinking Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman

Daniel Kahneman takes the reader on a journey to understand the human mind. He distinguishes between a fast and intuitive so-called “associative” system, as well as a slow and logical “rational system”. The book demonstrates how these types of thinking systems have a strong impact on our abilities to judge different situations and may help you make better decisions. Find out more here.

4. “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” by Thomas Piketty 

If you’d like to take a leap into more controversial topics, this one’s a good choice for you. The book focuses on distribution of wealth and how it has changed during different times. The author discusses invested capital and how it is going to increase quicker than actual income. Following that, the author argues that people who don’t have money to invest will become relatively poorer over time compared to those who have monetary wealth to make investments. Find out more here.

5. “The Alchemy of Finance” by George Soros

If you’re looking for a more theoretical read regarding financial trends and how they have changed over time, this might be the book to grab! George Soros writes about his theory of making the market work for you, including topics such as “comprehensive reflexivity” and “innovative investment”Find out more here.

These choices are not only going to broaden your mind in certain areas, but hopefully also add a bit more entertainment to your daily routine. Maybe you’ve already clicked on the “order” button or planned a visit to your nearest bookshop or library? 

The Referment Team.