The Network Effect – Referment

Your network really is much larger than you think. 

In 1929, a Hungarian author called Frigyes Karinthy proposed the “Six Degrees of Separation” theory, that you are truly only six introductions away from connecting with anyone in the world. 

When it comes to professional relationships, it’s generally agreed that it’s only the first, second and third degrees of separation that count, as at least one person in that chain knows the original person. To that end, your network truly is larger than you think. 

If you have 100 connections on LinkedIn and those 100 people have 100 unique connections of their own, you’re really only a simple introduction away from at least 10,000 people. When you take into account your 3rd connections the numbers seem astronomical.

To this end, are you utilizing your professional platform to help others?

With the likeliness of redundancies set to increase, as employers are asked to shoulder furlough costs in the near future, it’s likely that more of your connections will, unfortunately, be joining the job market. Dropping a like, a comment or better yet, a share on a job seekers post helps their search grow exponentially. 

To help you help others, we’re happy to announce that you can now refer people to us by tagging Referment or one of our consultants in the comments section of any job seeking posts from members of your network. Alternatively, you can also tag job seekers on our posts. Either way, we’ll get in touch to help them in their job search and if they complete an interview, we’ll reward you with £250 for your efforts.

Now more so than ever, it’s the time to help others out and support people as much as possible. Who will you refer?