A message from Referment – Referment

Many companies are trialing work from home schemes this week, or have already committed to working from home for the foreseeable future due to the Corona Virus situation. Rest assured, we still have clients looking to hire and that whilst the hiring process will change, firms are looking to continue normal hiring where possible. 

We’ve already had multiple face-to-face interviews replaced with video calls (including numerous final-stage interviews planned for this week) and to that end, we’re going to make a temporary change to our referral reward scheme to reflect that.

If your referral has a face-to-face interview changed to a video call interview, we’ll still send you a £250 reward. As usual, preliminary telephone interviews don’t count as rewarded interviews.

If the current situation has made you think about your work situation, take a look at our open roles here and feel free to get in touch via phone or email to discuss.