New Year New…Job? – Referment

January and February are great times for hiring. Most companies pay their bonuses towards the end of the calendar year and a few weeks off, surrounded by friends and family opening presents and drinking a bit too much, often leads people to think about the next steps in their career.

So what does that mean for your referrals? 

For starters, the people in your network are more likely to be interested in new roles. We recommend asking them if they’re looking and then asking them what kind of salary band they’re looking for. You can write this information in the Why They’re Awesome box when making a referral and it’s very helpful when we start talking to them. 

What could this mean for you?

The holiday gives you a chance to start looking for new roles yourself and to do that you’ll need a great CV. For the rest of 2019 we’re offering free CV valuations and appraisals, meaning if you’re unsure what salary you should be looking for we can let you know.

To make it as easy as possible for you we’ve created a CV upload link which you can find here.

Wait, what about IR35?

The upcoming legislation is designed to make contractors pay more tax and as such, many are looking to make the switch from contract to permanent roles. If anyone in your network is looking to make the switch from contract to permanent refer them through the Referment platform and we’ll help them through this transition.

Whether you’re looking to make some great referrals or are tempted to move on your current role, be sure to check our open opportunities here.