Going The Extra Mile – Referment

As you know, we offer rewards for successful referrals through our platform. We’ve now introduced the option to donate your referral reward to a charity of your choice. So when your referral completes a face-to-face interview, you’ll now be able to go that extra mile and help those in need.

Our charity of choice is Futures for Kids. Founded in 2008, they have recently achieved their £3 million fundraising goal for 2019! Funds raised are used to support the lives of disadvantaged children and young adults around the world. They’re doing some incredible work!

They are just one of many charities in the UK and we want to give you the opportunity to contribute to a cause that you feel strongly about too. Let us know who you’d like to donate to when picking your referral reward and we’ll sort everything out for you.

Who will you help next?