Video Killed The Interview Star – Referment

There’s been a rise in companies using pre-interview video assessments, with many providers touting AI-driven technologies being much better at sourcing the best talent from a wider pool of applicants. 

From an employers point of view, pre-screen video can save time and money from the interview process by cutting down the amount of in-person interviews required but in reality, it’s de-personalising a process that should be very personal indeed. 

For starters, it’s a terrible candidate experience, often resulting in potentially great people being alienated from the process and the company before any face-to-face interaction has actually taken place. It also is heavily weighted towards those people who are comfortable with being on camera and who have pre-timed answers ready to roll. Whilst any prepared candidate should be prepared, there’s a certain awkwardness that comes with saying these to a camera with no-one else present.

Culture fit is just as important as skills/experience fit and is often touted as a main contributor to high employee turnover. It’s very hard to judge that based off algorithms built into existing video pre-screening and whilst companies would still ideally meet candidates for final stage interviews after pre-screening, ruling candidates out based on a pre-screen video means potentially missing out on the perfect person who can help them grow and succeed.

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What are your thoughts on pre-screening with video? Have you ever had to complete a video interview before being offered the chance to come in and meet the hiring manager? Let us know!

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