Popular Programming Languages – Referment

We often get asked by our users which programming languages are in demand. Nowadays it’s generally expected that IT professionals have a solid grasp of at least one of the languages listed in this blog.


Python is a free and open-source language that is known for being fairly easy to learn. Its often used for Machine Learning and is popular for scientific and computational applications.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used to communicate with databases. It’s a very common language requirement for Business Analyst roles as it can be used to access large amounts of data directly where it’s stored, so analysts don’t have to copy data into other applications


Java is a programming language with an object-oriented structure, which is designed to have few implementation dependencies. It works on a wide range of platforms ranging from data centres to smartphones due to its Write Once, Run Anywhere feature.


JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language that’s commonly used in websites. It’s supported by all major browsers and has full integration with HTML/CSS. JavaScript is often essential for Front-End Development roles.


PHP is a general-purpose language, designed for web development. It’s a widely used, open-source scripting language that’s free to use. PHP is used frequently, with notable users including WordPress, Facebook and Google.


Created by Microsoft, C# is a type-safe, object-oriented language that enables developers to build secure applications based on the .NET Framework. Hedge Funds and Trading firms often employee C# Developers to work on their application suites.


C++ is widely used where performance is considered critical, for example, client/server applications. Both Windows and Mac OSX are built on C++ and it’s often a required skill for Back-End Engineers.

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