A New Referment – Referment

We’re changing Referment.

Just three weeks ago we launched the new version of our app and website, to much excitement. It was the culmination of months of hard work behind the scenes and testament to the whole Referment team.

Yet in the three weeks, since we released the latest Referment, we’ve decided to pivot and adapt our offering.

During the launch process, we promoted a double interview reward offer (where Referment’s community could make referrals and get £100 if their referral completed a face-to-face interview before the end of the year.)

That was incredibly successful. We had the most referrals we’ve ever had in a week and the thing that struck us was the quality of these referrals were amazing.

The thing is, our community want to help their colleagues, friends and family get great new roles in London but also want a more immediate windfall for that.

It’s rare to get paid upfront when we place a candidate and whilst we’ve always been transparent with our community about referral rewards, it’s never been possible to pay them as soon as their referral got the job.

To this end we’ve decided to change Referment.

Instead of rewarding people on successful referrals that get the job and pass their probation (which we understand is out of you control) we’ll reward you with a £250 voucher if your referral completes a face-to-face interview through Referment.

£250. For a completed face-to-face interview.

Not only that, but the payment will be almost immediate. Our goal is for you to refer your someone you know for a job, they complete a face-to-face interview and you to have received the reward by the time you’re meeting up with them that evening.

So if you know someone that is looking for a new role, you can refer them to us, help them get an exciting new role in Financial Services, Technology, Legal or Insurance and get rewarded up front as soon as they’ve completed an interview.

What’s more, if they don’t get the job we’ll actively search for new roles for them. And if we get them another interview at one of our other clients and they complete it, you’ll get another £250 almost immediately (up to a maximum of 4 interviews per referral).

You’ll still get 5 referrals a month. You’ll still be able to refer people directly to us (rather than to a role on our platform) and let us do all the work for you. You’ll still be able to apply for roles yourself.

We’re incredibly excited by this new Referment and we’d love for everyone to join our growing community of industry professionals.

The only thing left to say is…

Who will you refer?