Referment Reloaded – Referment

As you will have noticed, we’ve updated the Referment app and website. Taking on board feedback from our referrers, plus our own data, we’ve developed a new Referment that we’re proud to share with you. Here are a few of the new features explained;


If you are an existing user of Referment, you can log in using your normal details. If you’re new, you can log in using the form or via your Facebook/Google accounts. These are safe and secure and the only information we take from that is your name and emails.

Referral Options

When you log in, you can either “View open opportunities” or “Let Referment do the work”. The former is the usual referral path that you’ll be used to from the old application. It lets you scroll through open roles, search by job type and company name. This reflects our aim to be transparent and trackable.

You can now refer people to us speculatively, by clicking on “Let Referment do the work”. As the title says, once you’ve given us your referrals information we’ll take it from there, matching it to any jobs we can. The rewards for this are the same as referring someone directly to a role.

Apply yourself

You’ll now see the option to Apply to jobs, as well as the usual Refer button. The process is still the same and you’ll be able to track your progress like a normal referral too. Unlike the Refer option, we won’t reward you for getting an interview or the job.


The new profile section shows you your referrals progress, lets you know how many referrals you have left to make this month and shows you your earnings so far. You can access this using the little green person icon on the top right side of the app.

Get notified

We’ve built a native application we’re really proud of and would love you to use it! Whether you use the app version of Referment or the desktop/browser version, we recommend you enable notifications to get the best opportunities as soon as they become available. We promise not to spam you with notifications!

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