5 easy ways to cope with tension at work – Referment

Stress at work is not a myth anymore and all of us experience varying levels of it at times. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA), more than one-third of American workers were exposed to situations that have caused them chronic stress at work. This situation is also costing businesses billions of dollars every year in resources such as lost work hours and medical bills. At the end of the day, it’s important to note that even seemingly small stressful situations are making an impact on your health and wellbeing and it’s up to you to take action to prevent it.   Here are some very simple day-to-day tips to help you cope with stress at work:

1. REACT minus RE = ACT

In many situations, it is only human nature when we feel the need to control everything around us and once something goes wrong – to panic. Stress hormones are released into the body and when subjected to a constant state of stress can develop into something chronic like anxiety or high blood pressure. This can wear down our confidence, concentration and well-being. Sometimes the key to cope with it is in the realisation that we can’t control everything around us. More specifically, we can only control our actions and responses, but not necessarily some macro forces or someone else’s tone. Lastly, all we need to do is ask ourselves first “is it going to matter in 5 years or even a year from now?” If the answer is “no” – let go.


In his recent interview, Quincy Jones said that “the last things to leave earth are water and music.” Assuming you drink a fair amount of water every day, if you also have a chance to put your headphones on and listen to some music at your workplace, these genres can lift your mood:

Country. If you’re looking for a genre that will create a calm, soothing atmosphere, try a country music playlist. Yee-haw! Our suggestion playlist to try.

Smooth Jazz. For those who prefer a lighthearted and easygoing genre, smooth jazz could be an option to brighten the day. Our suggestion playlist to try.

Soca. This specific genre is more fast paced but still has an element of both calming lyrics and rhythm to bring more positivity to your routine. Our suggestion playlist to try.


Instead of following the daily rhythm of pushing yourself to work 8-10 hours without taking a break, schedule some time gaps where you’re taking a walk or doing some breathing exercises. An intense concentration, followed by a quick period of recovery, can help clear the buildup of stress and refresh your body and mind!


Focus on the aspects that you love about your job – it can help you stay focused and positive. You will see that your perception and mindset has the power to set the tone in these situations!


Resisting perfectionism is a must. Unrealistic goals sometimes put an immense pressure on you without even noticing it. The solution here is to understand that instead of doing it perfectly, we should just aim to do our best. Moreover, make sure you’re not being a hazard to yourself, by running late every morning or leaving your desk in a mess every night. Try setting your watch 5-10 minutes forward, to make sure that you always have some extra time. File and throw away the clutter to create a more clear and clean environment with less distractions.

These 5 tips can easily be incorporated into your everyday routine, and the benefits of them will have a positive impact on your everyday life.

You’re all set to try them now and recommend them to your colleagues!

The Referment Team.

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