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You’ve scrolled through open roles on Referment and made a few referrals but none of them earnt you the £250 Amazon Vouchers.

From our experience, a good referral ticks all four of the following boxes. Occasionally they might only tick 3 but have a CV strong enough to overcome that, but we do strongly advise that you check the following before referring:

They are actively looking for a role:

This is the biggest one in our experience. You know that they’re great at what they do, but unfortunately, they’re happy where they are. This could be down to job security, pay or location. Whilst we still talk them through the role and the benefits that come with it, they’re unlikely to progress with an application.

Occasionally, they’re not actively looking but can be wooed into a new opportunity (trust us, we try) and they progress.

They are legally allowed to work in the UK:

The majority of our roles are based in the UK and none of them currently offer sponsorship. If your candidate isn’t living in the UK or is not a member of the Schengen area, they won’t progress. The same can usually be said for our roles in America and Asia.

They have the right skill set:

Each job has a list of essential skills the company needs for that position. Most Employers aren’t willing to let the candidate learn the skills on the fly.

They have the right industry background:

Whilst some skills are transferable, most of our clients are looking for a specific industry background. Your candidate is less likely to progress in a Hedge Fund if they haven’t worked at a Hedge Fund before.

If your candidate ticks all of these boxes then they’re much more likely to get an interview and get the job. If you’re not sure, why don’t you message them beforehand! You can make referrals here.

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